Tokyo Salarymen

I was in a creative rut over the tail end of 2018. I wasn’t booking photography work, hated my portfolio, and had no burning desire to make meaningful projects for myself. Adulthood got the best of me, and I needed an escape. I picked Japan because of the influence Japanese culture had on me as a kid. I was craving a city-filled experience with bright lights, colorful anime shops, and infinite camera shops.

After booking the ticket I realized I had to photograph something. Anything. Joking to myself, I thought of photographing the salarymen who walk the streets daily.

Once I was there, I realized how hard it was to approach my subjects for a photograph. On top of the language barrier, they were always on the move and didn’t have time. Some of them thought I was a creep, or were too shy in front of the camera. I got more nos than yeses, but I felt that burning need to create again after the first salaryman agreed to be photographed. I didn’t want to give up until all of my film was shot.

Featured on:  Boooooooom